Guest Post On Why Animals Are Smarter Than You Think

DogA guest post for MindBodyGreen:

Why Animals Are Smarter Than You Think (And Why You Should Care) 

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“It is time for us to understand that animals, even the very small ones, are conscious. They have feelings, they show empathy, and they display intelligence in ways that humans cannot. Even lobsters and crabs feel pain. Birds mourn when someone in their community passes. Bees apply geometry to build beehives.”

This article, a guest post on why animals are smarter than you think, summarizes the remarkable capacities of birds, lizards, bees and the smallest animal, the amoeba. Hopefully, humans will realize the tremendous value of unique animal brains with unique talents before they are all destroyed by human behavior.

Guest Post On Why Animals Are Smarter Than You Think

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  • Just one word explain the difference between Animals and humans: Indole
    Animals are guided by instinct, they have good will but humans are guided by money and have bad indole