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Concussions, A DSN Exclusive Series – Part 1: What Is A Concussion? – October 2016

Concussions, A DSN Exclusive – Part 2: Symptoms and Treatment – October 2016

Concussions, A DSN Exclusive – Part 3: Prevention And The Future Of Sports – October 2016

Interview— – March 2016

ACI Scholarly Blog Index – January 2016

Discovery News – March 25, 2015

Healthline – January 4, 2015

RadioMD – December 4, 2014
Foods that Can Improve Your Quality of Life
5 Easy Ways to Improve Memory

Healthline – November 23, 2014

Popular Science Radio – July 26, 2014

Healthy Choices on KLBJ – July 9, 2014

Let’s Get Healthy with Bill Swail on KJCE – July 9, 2014

The Costco Connection – July 2014
Mindful Matters: Meditation as Medicine
Dr. Lieff is mentioned in this article on meditation written by Sally Abrahms

Best Online Universities
The Science of Learning: Resources on How Our Brains Learn Best
Dr. Lieff’s Searching for the Mind: Neuronal Plasticity included in top 3 General Brain-Based Learning Resources

Brain World Magazine – Spring 2014
Things Are Not as They Seem: What is a Perception?
Guest article by Dr. Lieff

FastCompany – March 21, 2014
Are Brain Training Games a Valid Way to Become Better at Your Job?
Featuring commentary from Dr. Lieff – March 14, 2014
Checking the Claim: Can Probiotics Make You Smarter?
Featuring commentary from Dr. Lieff

WT Health Knows – December 5, 2013
Why Do I Fall Asleep While Meditating? by Erinn Bucklan
Featuring commentary from Dr. Lieff

Conscious Talk – November 13, 2013
Radio Interview with Dr. Lieff

Mind Body Green – October 29, 2013
13 Small Choices That Can Change Your Life In Great Ways
Guest article by Jon Lieff discussing small choices to promote your health

A Touch of Gray – September 8, 2013
The Importance of Exercise and how 10,000 genes are affected
Jon Lieff discusses this topic with Carole Marks – August 15, 2013
Getting Inside the Mind of Animals
Q&A with Dr. Lieff on the minds of animals

CBS News – July 1, 2013
China law brings attention to pros, cons of caring for aging parent
Dr. Lieff comments on medical care for the elderly population

The Yoga Blog – June 26, 2013
An MD Explains Your Brain On Meditation (Expert Article)

HuffPost Live – June 6, 2013
Too Old to Judge included a discussion of whether judges should have limits based upon age. A new law being considered in New York to extend the retirement age of judges brings up this issue.

Live Science – May 29, 2013
‘After Earth’: Can Humans Transform Fear Into Bliss?
Dr. Lieff comments on the premise of a new movie where fear turns to bliss

The Good News Health Show on People’s Rx – May 25, 2013
Program with Bill Swail, RPh, and Julia Strickler, ND (Austin Radio Show on KLGO 1490AM)
Question and Answer with Dr. Lieff for thirty minutes discussing extraordinary brain capacities; post traumatic stress, depression, pain, re wiring of the brain, sleep; website topics such as music, evolution of language through music; neuroplasticity with exercise and music; food and illness and more.
Dr. Lieff’s interview begins at the 14:00 mark.

Let’s Get Healthy on People’s Rx – May 25, 2013
Program with Bill Swail, RPh, and Amy Neuzil, ND (Austin Radio Show on KJCE 1370AM & 96.3 FM)
Question and Answer with Dr. Lieff for thirty minutes about neuroplasticity; mapping the brain; problem in understanding the brain in current science; right and left brain; habit memory, conscious and unconscious memory; and more.
Dr. Lieff’s interview begins at the 17:30 mark.

The Healthy Choices Show on People’s Rx – May 25, 2013
Program with Ray Solano, RPh, CCN and Dr. Victor Carsrud, DC, DABCI (Austin Radio Show)
Question and Answer with Dr. Lieff for ten minutes about PTSD and depression with emphasis on veterans for Memorial Day

CTV – May 12, 2013
Dr. Lieff interviewed on CTV, Dealing with Kidnapping.

Huffpost Live – May 10, 2013
Dr. Lieff interviewed as part of Huffpost Live, Healing After Unimaginable Horror. – May 9, 2013
Dr. Lieff comments in article, Will the Cleveland kidnapping victims and their families be able to overcome their traumatic experiences? and discusses the brain changes of severe trauma and the neuroplasticity involved in healing.

Psychology Today – Animal Emotions – April 5, 2013
The Birds and the Bees and Their Brains: Size Doesn’t Matter. Small-brained animals display surprising and sophisticated cognitive skills

Boston Magazine – April 5, 2013
Dr. Lieff’s Q&A: Neuropsychiatrist Jon Lieff on President Obama’s New Brain Initiaitve – The impact of the $100 million BRAIN research initiative on the neurology community.

Conscious News – Body/Mind/Spirit Summit – April 3, 2013
Dr. Lieff interviewed by Jonathan Willbanks (audio)

Scientific American Blog – March 14, 2013
Wired and Wireless Components of the Brain

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