B0009697 Red carpenter ant (Camponotus species), SEM and LM composite
Credit: Daniel Kariko. Wellcome Images
Composite image of the head of a red carpenter ant (Camponotus species). Two compound eyes (for accurate perception of movement), left and right mandibles (strong jaws used to tunnel into wood), and two antennae extending out from the front of the head (used for sensory perception) can be seen. They prefer to burrow and nest in moist wood and become pests when they invade and damage timber within man-made structures affecting structural integrity. This specimen was first imaged with a stereoscopic light microscope in order to produce a colour image. The same area was then imaged by monochromatic scanning electron microscopy which has much greater depth of field and thus increased sharpness for the entire specimen. The two images were then combined to show realistic colour with fine detail. Horizontal width of image is 3.25 mm.
Scanning electron micrograph
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