Are you aware that the bulk of current scientific knowledge has been discovered in the past ten years? And that many of the most original results have appeared in the last year? Can you imagine where we will be ten years from now? This blog is intended to be an exploration of a paradigm shift I expect to see in the scientific understanding of the connection between mind and the material world. Posts will look at scientific discoveries, as they appear, in the fields of neuroscience, animal behavior, microbiology, molecular biology, evolution and biophysics, and explore their relevance to the emerging view of mind as an integral aspect of nature.

What Color is the Dress

Photo from Caitlin McNeill's Tumblr Site

Photo from Caitlin McNeill’s Tumblr Site Is it blue and black? Or, is it white and gold? How does expectation determine perception? A recent picture of a colored dress became an Internet sensation because people are divided into two distinct camps—one sees blue and black and the other sees white and gold….

Transmission of Mis Folded Proteins in Brain Disease

WC   Nerve_fibres_in_a_healthy_adult_human_brain,_MRI_larger

Mis folded proteins transmitted in circuits throughout the brain might explain many degenerative brain diseases. Considerable evidence now points to the fact that critical mis folded proteins, once they appear, can act like prions by attracting other similar proteins and stimulating them to alter their structure as well….

Ant Intelligence Update

Ant individual

Because of the remarkable intelligence of insects with tiny brains, such as bees, ants and termites, many ascribe their capabilities to the hive or colony. In fact, there is increasing evidence that individual ants, bees, and termites are very intelligent, which allows for intelligent actions of the colony. In the case of…

Fantastic Complexity in Brain Potassium Channels

B0007683 Ion channels

Most students of biology are familiar with the neuron’s action spike traveling along the axon because of electric flux of the sodium and potassium channels in the membrane. It is not widely known, however, that there are almost a hundred different kinds potassium channels in the brain with very different properties. The…

Cannabinoids in Inflammation and the Aging Brain

FEATURE    shutterstock_179204051  leafy brain meditation

This is the second post on brain cannabinoids. The previous post described the vast functions of endogenous cannabinoids in the developing brain. That post, also, described how cannabinoids are critical for stimulating neuronal stem cells in the adult brain’s hippocampus related to learning and memory. To fully understand…