Are you aware that the bulk of current scientific knowledge has been discovered in the past ten years? And that many of the most original results have appeared in the last year? Can you imagine where we will be ten years from now? This blog is intended to be an exploration of a paradigm shift I expect to see in the scientific understanding of the connection between mind and the material world. Posts will look at scientific discoveries, as they appear, in the fields of neuroscience, animal behavior, microbiology, molecular biology, evolution and biophysics, and explore their relevance to the emerging view of mind as an integral aspect of nature.

Vast Complexity of Immune Micro RNA Signals

PD     MiR-155_secondary_structure

Immune cells travel independently and depend on signals for their activity. Called the “wireless” brain, immune cells communicate with many other cells—neurons, astrocytes, microglia, blood vessel cells, intestinal and skin lining cells, and tissue cells. Signals help develop special capabilities, such as T cells…

Vital Immune Communication with Peptides

colorful peptide

Communication among cells is the basis of all immune and nervous system activity. Research continues to find large vocabularies of signals in different languages—neurotransmitters, cytokines, small RNAs, protein transcription factors, small lipid molecules and glycan sugars. The numbers of signals is growing…

Special T cells Inhibit Immune Reactions to Food

B0009441 Collage of mixed fruits and vegetables, MRI
Credit: Alexandr Khrapichev, University of Oxford. Wellcome Images
Collage of cross sections through various fruits and vegetables (avocado, squash, cabbage, mandarin orange, pomegranate, garlic cloves, tomato, kiwi, star fruit, persimmon, artichoke). Ultra-thin virtual slices through the fruit or vegetable were acquired by spin-echo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which reveals details inside the object without damaging it. The images are digitally coloured where contrast corresponds to MRI signal intensity and hue was changed to match the natural colour of the fruit or vegetable.
Magnetic resonance imaging
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Immune cells in the gut are produced in response to environmental signals and communication between many different types of cells. The gut is a very special environment that includes cooperative and competitive efforts between many cells including trillions of friendly and unfriendly microbes, intestinal epithelial cells,…

Where is Subjective Experience in the Brain?

Brain - 3D illustration.

Current science has no explanation for subjective experience. There isn’t even an adequate definition of consciousness. Recent research continues many approaches in attempts to find a brain region that is correlated with basic awareness or consciousness. In order to proceed without definitions, study attempts to find…

Membrane Lipids Direct Proteins and Proteins Direct Lipids

N0019830 Endocytosis

The largest number of brain molecules are lipids (fats). Unique regulation of brain lipids is complex and contributes to many diseases. Surprisingly, it has been found that membrane lipids direct proteins and proteins direct lipids.  Previous posts have discussed the importance of lipids in communication between brain…