Dear Readers – Hiatus From Blog

For five years, I have written summaries of current scientific literature in subjects related to how mind exists in nature. This has included research into human and animal brains, plants, microbes, and general cellular intelligence. In addition to the weekly blog posts, I have posted relevant articles and archived blog posts daily on my Facebook page Searching for the Mind and on Twitter @jonlieffmd.

For the past year, I have been preparing to write a book on cellular intelligence—in particular how the body, the brain, and in fact, all of life are based on conversations between cells. After much preparation, I have now signed a book contract. In order to work on the book for the next six months, blog posts will have to be curtailed.

While I will post important material intermittently on the website, current research articles will continue to be presented daily on Facebook and Twitter. I encourage those interested in my posts to ‘like’ the Facebook page and follow the Twitter account. This will allow readers to access the latest research articles and blog archives, and also to engage with other readers in the comments. I will keep readers posted on progress toward completing the book and resume regular blog posts after the book is completed.

I appreciate the interest of all of the readers of Searching for the Mind and hope you will understand the necessity of focusing on the book for now.