Post in The Yoga Blog – “MD Explains Your Brain on Meditation”

Glow of Fractal DreamsA summary of the current advances in the effects of meditation on the brain was published in a post in The Yoga Blog. 

An MD Explains Your Brain On Meditation (Expert Article)

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A more elaborate description of the research was given in the previous post, Meditation and the Brain 2013.

Dramatic changes in genes and immune factors, as well as decrease of mortality from cardiac disease highlight this years research. But, many other positive health and emotional effects were proven.

In addition to showing the effects from Compassion, Mindfulness, and Transcendental Meditations, Tai Chi and Yoga, the post discusses advanced meditation. Advanced meditation has even stronger effects but the mechanisms are not clear. The immune findings begin to explain some of the many physical benefits. Analysis of the effects of deep sleep, dreaming, and psychedelics might help explain subjective states described in advanced meditation and well as increased physical benefits.